Product Name : BK-CUS-0056-002
Product Description

Place of Origin: Taiwan 

Brand Name: Broadlake

Type: Heat Sink/ TO220, TO218

Material: C1100, T=0.6mm

Packaging Details: Carton / Pallet

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    Product Character


       BROADLAKE CO ., LTD.   

     Part Number  BK-CUS-0056-002
         Material  C1100, T=0.6mm
          Finish   Matte Tin Plated
     Certification  ISO9001, SGS, ROHS, TUV, REACH

     1. Stamped Heat Sink for Transistor Package

     2. Electronic Components

     3. Switching Power Supply

         Standard Heatsink for TO-220&TO-218 packages

         Mounted on the device by means of vertical horizontal direction

       Capability  Max. 250T Press Machine
         Sample  Contact us
      Dimension            proimages/01-EMS/2-STAMPING_Drawing/1-只有浮水印/BK-CUS-0056-001_draw(400).jpg